Revitalizing Myself

It's a new year, and that means new projects, new goals, and new ways to motivate myself to not feel terrible about myself. I've always struggled with my self-esteem and especially when it comes to my writing. Usually when I'm stuck at home and writing, it's hard to remember that what I do is relatively … Continue reading Revitalizing Myself

With the SuperEclipse, comes SuperApologies

So, I realized (and it has been made apparent by my good friend Jessica Tuckerman) that I don't blog nearly as much as I should. I often don't have things to say, as most of my time is spent on school work, at my Day Job, or writing. I've been meaning to upload more photos, … Continue reading With the SuperEclipse, comes SuperApologies

A Recent Trip to Longwood Gardens

My family and I took a trip recently (about a week ago, act ually. I'm just very bad at this "blogging" business.) to Longwood Gardens. Longwood is a pretty well known botanical gardens on the East Coast, sitting pretty about thirty miles south of Philadelphia. And let me tell y'all, it is gorgeous.  I've been wanting … Continue reading A Recent Trip to Longwood Gardens

Currently Reading

I've realized I've been neglecting my growing library of books recently (mostly in favor of writing or schoolwork. Sometimes tumblr) and I've decided to kick myself in the butt and then sit down and get some reading done. After all, the best way to improve your own writing is to read a lot. So last … Continue reading Currently Reading


Hello friends and follows/minions! I'm Magdalyn Ann, a YA novelist that has some human being tendencies on the side. I am currently enrolled at Rowan University in the undergrad program in Writing Arts. I've got a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Theatre. I'm an active participant and member of the Archery Club, the … Continue reading Welcome!