Hello friends and follows/minions!

I’m Magdalyn Ann, a YA novelist that has some human being tendencies on the side. I am currently enrolled at Rowan University in the undergrad program in Writing Arts. I’ve got a concentration in Creative Writing and a minor in Theatre. I’m an active participant and member of the Archery Club, the former President of Rowan Original Works playwriting club, and I pay rent with the tip money from my waitress job.

I try my hardest to write every day at every chance I get. My current project has been in the works for ten years; the manuscript has gone through a few drafts when I was younger and still in middle/high school and now is getting a major rewrite after which I hope to polish it and send it out once it reaches its best point.

I’ve begun my journey into photography. And by “begun” I mean I have a jar on my desk that says “Camera Fund” where I put in five dollars after every work shift so that I can maybe afford a camera within a few months.

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