Editing Services

As an author of several years, and someone who has gone through an MFA program, I’ve had many opportunities to edit works of writing that range from articles to manuscripts of all genres. With several manuscripts under my own belt, I’ve had plenty of time to learn and understand what a book needs to become query-ready, or if self-publishing, publication ready. I have a BA in Writing and a MFA for Writing for Children & Young Adults, so if your work falls into any category between middle grade and new adult, I’d be a great fit for you.

I currently edit manuscripts for any category between middle grade through new adult, any genre–though my personal passion is fantasy, adventure and YA. I also will work on short stories, plays and scripts.

Why do you need an editor?

It’s simple: two heads are better than one. There is a lot you might miss after working tirelessly on your project. A fresh set of eyes can catch mistakes you might have glossed over, and help you iron out your work to get it submission ready.

My Editing Services

I currently provide line edits and proofreading services, as well as in depth copy edits and developmental edits. All services include a final edit letter.

In my proofreading service, I will read through your manuscript to find basic grammar and writing mistakes, and help make your work flow. This is better served for a manuscript that has already been edited to its best possible form and is almost ready to go, but you just need one more check.

In my copy editing & critique service, I will take a deeper look at your manuscript to critique it’s plot, pacing, and characters. Includes comments throughout the work. This is best for a manuscript that is nearing its final draft.

In my developmental/content editing service, I will go knee deep into your manuscript and work with you to fix major issues including plot, characters and structure. Includes comments throughout your work.

All work must be sent in .doc/.docx format, double-spaced in 12-pt Times New Roman (or similar) font. If you wish for a hard copy with notes on the page, we will discuss printing and shipping fees.

My Rates

I offer both hourly and per-page rates. Depending on the service of your choice, and the length of your work, I can take anywhere from an hour to several weeks to complete a project. If you’re on a budget, we can work out a plan specific to your needs–if you want to send a few chapters at a time for lengthy works, or set up a payment plan, we can. I do request half of the payment up front as a deposit and the second half (or portion, if on a payment plan) upon completion of the work.

In the event of a cancellation, the deposit is refundable except for the cost of any work completed prior to cancellation. If all work is complete prior to cancellation, the deposit is non-refundable.

All payments must be through PayPal. An invoice will be provided. Payment in USD only.

Proofreading: $20/hour, or $2.00/page

Copyediting: $25/hour, or $5.00/page

Developmental/Content Editing: $35/hour, or $7.00/page