On Minor Characters

Your main characters are important; they tell the story. Without them, there wouldn’t be a story. But what about minor characters? Secondary characters that are only there in a passing scene or two? They exist for two possible reasons: one, to progress the story and two, to progress the main character’s characterization.

So what happens when a minor character doesn’t fulfill either of those reasons?

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Writing Diversity (Writing Tip Tuesday)


Diversity in literature, especially Young Adult literature, had been exploding over social media lately. That’s not to say diversity in fiction hasn’t been an issue prior to Twitter getting its hands on it, it’s just now openly available to everyone.

If there is one point I plan to make in this post, that you can take away from it, is this: diversity is important. If the world is diverse, your writing needs to be diverse. 

I’m not just talking about slapping on a “foreign sounding name” to a background character, or changing the description of a minor character’s skin to read “dark” or “ebony”. Write a story featuring a person of color (POC); make the main character POC, make the love interest POC, make everyone POC if you really want. But include more than just white and black.

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On Motivation

Some people think that a writers’ greatest enemy is Writer’s Block. But that’s not always the case. I am, after all, in the camp of believers that think Writer’s Block is a myth; it’s a nice scapegoat, and a nice way to phrase it to family when they ask why you haven’t been writing recently, but the true reason many of us writers blame WB is because we know we’re being lazy or purposefully redirecting our energy from writing to something else (Yes, I know it’s “research”, but there’s only so many hours you can do that before you need to hunker down and actually write).

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