Post Book-Con Thoughts

It’s been over twenty-four hours since I’ve come home from my first ever BookCon. I’ve been meaning to go since it was still Reader’s Day, and let me say, I was so happy to go.

JM Tuckerman and I went together and it was everything I could have hoped for and then some.

I had been warned of the chaos that happened in last year’s BookCon and was fully expecting the worst. But it wasn’t the chaotic mess I had imagined. Yes, there were thousands of people and it did get overwhelming at times, but most book nerds can be civilized and well-mannered (that doesn’t include those who would cut in lines just to get to a celebrity, but we shan’t speak of those).

But all in all, I saw some cool stuff and met awesome people and even some authors I had been hoping to meet.

I got a chance to go to the We Need Diverse Books panel Saturday morning and it was really amazing!

I even met Marie Lu! She’s one of my favorite authors of all time, and I’m so excited for The Rose Society to be released!

We even went to a panel with James Dashner and Ridley Pearson, where they chatted about their process and their books, and what it was like to write such long series. James Dashner even talked about the next Maze Runner movie coming out in September, The Scorch Trials! It was super rad.

And in the end, we went home with some cool swag and plenty of books.

Unfortunately, with BookCon 2016 being in Chicago, JM Tuckerman and I might not be able to go. Seeing as it’ll only be one day and travel and hotel costs would be too much for our budgets. At least New York was a two hour commute, one by car and one by bus, and was within our budget. With enough fans asking for an alternative, maybe BookCon will make a second even in New York again.

Until then, myself and Round Robin Writes will be at Collingswood Book Fest and will be looking for other book conventions and events to head out to!

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