Writing Tip Tuesday!

My friend K. Leigh has posted a writing tip on our blog, Round Robin, about taking influence from our reading in order to better our writing.

K talked a lot about branching out into genres she wouldn’t normally read (or even write) like memoirs and nonfiction.

There’s a lot of places to draw inspiration and advice from as a writer. There no such thing as writing in solidarity anymore, unless you plan on pulling a Henry David Thoreau and going to a cabin in the woods and cutting yourself off from everyone else (which hey, sounds kind of nice sometimes because I’d be less distracted by the internet and could actually get some substantial writing done per day). In the age of media and the “world wide web” we are more connected than ever. So use that to your advantage!

I find myself spending more time on social media sites than I’d care to admit, but in that I follow a fair share of writers and other professionals in the field. Some of my favorite blogs to peruse are writers’ blogs and writing help blogs. You’ll often find a lot of people asking questions that you find relevant but you wouldn’t have thought to ask. More often than not, the person (or people) running the blog will link to multiple sources of information regarding things that you can explore.

If you’re on Tumblr, I recommend searching the term “writing”, “writing help” or “writing tips” and you’ll find yourself surrounded by different facets of different blogs that can help you. Some are general catch-all writing tip blogs and some are specific, like YA fantasy/sci-fi writing tip blogs.

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