Snow Monster 2016

I live on the East Coast, specifically that part of the East Coast that just got more than two feet of snow this past weekend. I’ve been snowed in for more than 48 hours.wp-1453746868956.jpg

On the bright side, I haven’t had to go to Day Job since Friday, but sadly, that’s over now that the snows are sort of clear again.
But just look at all this snow! This was the middle of Saturday afternoon, when we were in the roughest part of the storm. We weren’t even halfway through the blizzard.wp-1453746864131.jpg
I commend the people trying to backhoe the
snow away, but it didn’t help much. The street was covered again within the hour.

But on the bright side, my dog loves the snow. She’ll run through it and around it and it’s so cute. The only problem is she’s like half a foot tall and there’s snow drifts that are four feet tall or taller. So we keep losing her in the snow.


Sunday afternoon, when the snow stopped. Nala loved looking out for new snow mounds to romp around in.


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