Kindred Crux Finale Sneak Peek

Kindred Crux, over at Round Robin is coming to a close! I’ll be talking more about my reaction to it later on, but for now, enjoy a sneak peek at the finale addition to Kindred Crux!

Doctor Thorn sighed.

Everyone’s attention snapped to him.

“Chase has mobilized much sooner than I thought.”  Doc said.

Kaylee looked at him. There was still a trail of blood coming from her nose. The Doc’s voice had stirred something in her and she straightened. “The Intelligence Team is out in the city, searching for him. We’ll find him.”

“How is clean-up above going?” Doc went to the side of the bed and sat in the stool there. He perched on the edge of the seat, studying Lelianna’s face.

“Surprisingly smoothly,” Jesse said, not taking his gaze away from Lelianna. “We’ve evacuated the school.”

Doc nodded. “She will be waking up soon,”

“What do you want us to do?” Natalie asked.

“Let me speak with her,” Doc said. “Go help with the clean-up. I will brief you on our next move shortly.”

Jesse wasted no time in pushing himself off the wall and heading towards the door. Natalie trailed behind him, placing a hand on Jessika’s shoulder to rouse her. Kaylee placed a gentle hand on top of Doc’s.

“We’ll stop him,” Kaylee said. “We won’t let him hurt any more people again. Right?”

“Of course,” Doc smiled. Kaylee’s large dark eyes were watery with worry and she pursed her lips before nodding and following the others out of the room. The door closed behind them a little too loudly and Lelianna shook herself away.

Doc sat up straight, folding his hands in his lap.

“Thank you for joining us, Lelianna.” Doc said, looking at the bleary girl.

“Are you this Doc I keep hearing about?” she grinned wolfishly.

“I am,”

“What a pleasure,” Lelianna opened her mouth wide and screamed. The walls shook like rubber and the lamps hanging from the ceiling swayed, but nothing else happened.

“Your voice is every bit as powerful as they tell me,” Doc said, getting to his feet. A shadow fell over Lelianna’s eyes and Doc realized with a pang in his heart that it was fear. “But save it. The infirmary is made of the same powerful steel that held our mutual friend in prison.”

“Last time I checked, Chase escaped.”

“A fluke, I assure you. You can scream all you wish, but all powers are neutralized inside the infirmary.”

“You’re older than Chase led me to believe,” Lelianna said, struggling to sit up. “I don’t know why he’s had such a hard time getting rid of you. You look like you’re a few minutes away from a heart attack.”

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