Kindred Crux Sneak Peek!

I’ve gotten the next post written for this week’s Kindred Crux update over at Round Robin. Can’t wait to read what happens next? I’ve got a sneak peek for you guy!

Read on to see the first few paragraphs!

Kaylee closed the office door quietly behind her, goosebumps still prickling her skin. At first, she thought it was just a coincidence that Leilianna’s last name was Chase. North Flats, and even South Flats, had plenty of people with the surname Chase. Seventy-six to be exact, and none of them were related to James.

But then she felt it on Lelianna, she felt the buzz around the girl and the faint murmur of her thoughts. Kaylee suspected it the moment she couldn’t hear the girl’s thoughts, and instead just a constant wave of irritation and feeling uneasy, all muted as if she were wearing ear plugs.

‘Jesse,’ she reached out with her mind, searching for Jesse’s particular set of brainwaves. Kaylee walked slowly down the hallway, in the opposite direction of her class. When she passed a teacher, she smiled brightly and waved. There was a faint shimmer of light to her left and Jesse’s astral form walked beside her.

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