New Kindred Crux Installment on Round Robin!

Don’t forget to check out the newest installment of Kindred Crux over at Round Robin, “Meeting”, right here!

You can read an excerpt now!

Natalie was at school early the next morning; she got up before even Nancy got out of bed and arrived at school at least an hour before the first period. She needed to make sure she caught Jesse or Kaylee first. She left a note for Nancy explaining that she left early and will be back from school late again today, then began her trek to school.

The campus was deserted; not even the teachers had begun to show up. She walked through the empty schoolyard, hugging her coat and shivering.

She sat down on one of the benches, trying to ignore the coldness of it. Natalie sat and waited, watching the parking lot for Jesse’s BMW to show up. Mrs. Brown was the first to show up, unlocking the front doors with a rigid “Good morning, Miss Hunter,” in her general direction before disappearing into the school. A few teachers filed in a few moments later and a handful of students trickled in, but still no red BMW.

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