September Writing Goals

It's been a hard month of writing, y'all. Even with my semester being back in full swing, I'm barely scraping by. I had planned on finishing my YA Suburban Fantasy by August (then by mid-August, then by the end of August...) and that hasn't happened yet. I've been dealing with constant Depression Sessions and it's … Continue reading September Writing Goals

On Starting Up Again

I'm pretty open when it comes to my depression and how it affects my writing. Mainly that I find myself unable to write pretty often. I talked a little bit about how this past semester was a rough one on this blog before, but yesterday¬†I vented a little on my Twitter¬†about how I decided to … Continue reading On Starting Up Again

Mother Nature Will Never Decide

Remember how I said that spring was coming? Yeah--Mother Nature made a liar out of me! It's not much, but it's enough to miss the few days we had of 50+ degree weather. I'm perfectly ready for winter to be done. While I love sitting at home, watching the snow fall and curling up with … Continue reading Mother Nature Will Never Decide