Monday Reads

I spend most of my Mondays at work, usually 10 to 5, but because I work in a BBQ restaurant, not a lot of people want ribs for lunch (JM Tuckerman is, of course, the exception. She wants ribs all the time). So Mondays tend to be pretty slow at work, and my managers don’t mind that I sit around and get some homework done during the semester.

But now that the semester is over, I feel less inclined to actually bring a book or notebook with me to get something done. So I’ve been playing Magikarp Jump lately.

Today’s Memorial Day though, so everyone and their grandmother’s are going to be out getting BBQ because that’s what people like to do, I guess. So I’ll be extra busy.

But I 100% plan on getting home, throwing some yoga pants on, and lounging around and finishing A Court of Mist and Fury after work.

What are you Monday reads?

2 thoughts on “Monday Reads

    1. It sure is! I actually just finish ACOMAF and now I need to settle my #feels with ACOWAR!

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