New Installment on Round Robin!

So as many of you may know, I’m an active part of the Round Robin website. I only mention it in every other post. 😉

But this piece, Kindred Crux, is a YA urban fantasy “roleplay fiction” piece we’re Robin girls are trying out. It’s our second official piece on the website (the first was Hannah of Many Hats, a children’s story) and we’ve been doing our best at it! It’s a special concept, only possible on a site like Round Robin, because it’s a “roleplay fiction” piece. Because Round Robin is a “Someone starts the story, but we don’t know where it ends!” kind of place, we’ve found that it’s similar to a lot of fiction roleplay that gets done on websites and forums all across the internet. And because Kindred Crux is a fantasy story about teenagers with superpowers, we figured it would be great for everyone to create and command their own character within the story.

I write, primarily, about Natalie Hunter, a 16 year old orphan girl with the power over force fields and barriers, a minor  telekinetic power. She teams up with the clever Kaylee Williams, 18 year old class president and telekinetic, and the handsome Jesse Reed, 17 year old class vice president and astral projectionist.

What sort of shenanigans will these three get into? And will they be able to help Thorn Academy, the home/school for superpowered folk, save the world from evil forces?

Writing Advice

On Motivation

Some people think that a writers’ greatest enemy is Writer’s Block. But that’s not always the case. I am, after all, in the camp of believers that think Writer’s Block is a myth; it’s a nice scapegoat, and a nice way to phrase it to family when they ask why you haven’t been writing recently, but the true reason many of us writers blame WB is because we know we’re being lazy or purposefully redirecting our energy from writing to something else (Yes, I know it’s “research”, but there’s only so many hours you can do that before you need to hunker down and actually write).

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